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About ColaLife SA


ColaLife SA is one of the most efficient and professional companies in agricultural Food & Non-Food products.

Business Experience
We are one of the leading distributers as well as the importers having a proven winning record of in the field of all kind of food business. We are doing business with many Countries all over the world. We ensure 100% quality in our Products, Packaging, Supply and Sale, Cold storage facilities, Good Dry Warehouse etc. We strive to maintain the satisfaction and trust of all our suppliers and customers.

We have good cold store facility refrigeration container keeping capacity and have invested in facility cold storage, which is well equipped with a number of refrigeration vehicles. Having all the mandatory infrastructure, we are among the leading and well established company in South Africa. We have a worldwide strong network and more than 2000 wholesale customers like bulk and large quantity buying and among worldwide above 400 strong suppliers .Our import also adds to huge volume thus forming a large scale business. We partner with some overseas companies as well as in other networks. We are sure you can have a chance to do big volume business by joining hands with us as we have huge global networks and have huge volume selling capacity.

Business Strength
Millions of people across the world are buying ColaLife SA products in one way or another every minute of day. Our Brands form an integral part of your life. We realize that with market leadership comes the responsibility of living up to your expectations, thus we constantly strive to live up to your standards and raise the bar of your expectations. At ColaLife SA we don’t create products we build brands. Brands that stand the test of time to evolve and grow with you and your family. Brands are built on its core values of quality, trust and integrity. We believe that our brands provide not just nutrition, taste or wholesome goodness but a complete lifestyle choice. ColaLife SA‘s extensive brand portfolio of brands offers our consumers nutrition, taste, convenience and variety packed with freshness with the ColaLife SA Seal of Trust. Extensive research is carried out across various market segments before we launch any new product. ColaLife SA’s product development programs constantly strive to improvise the existing products as per the changing market trends. We also offer customized products depending on specific segments and customer requirements. In doing this, we constantly stay ahead of the game, raise the bar for quality and variety as well as gain market leadership.

Business Relationship
Our suppliers are from within Southern Africa and Internationally. The fundamental element of our existence is the trust our customers have in us. ColaLife SA has earned its reputation over the decades by its unwavering commitment to fulfill its customers' needs and consumer’s expectations in the critical areas of quality assurance. Quality, value and customer service has helped us attain consumer satisfaction. Our dedicated sales team travels around the world to deliver right products for our consumer base. We sell  the best of the best products to our customers all over the world. We are in regular search of unique products developed globally and trade in the same throughout the world. Our products meet and satisfy the requirements of all types of consumers.

Business Marketing & Distribution
(A)Foodstuff Division and Products, Brand Marketing & Distribution of all kind of agricultural products, all kinds of foods, brand marketing & products marketing distributions /fresh fish, beef & sea foods, /frozen foods , all kind food frozen products ,foodstuff, beverage, all kind dry fruits and nuts , spices , pickle & bakery products , chocolate products, tea and coffee.
• Foodstuff like milk, beans , wheat, wheat flour, corn, oil, pulses , nuts , beverages , spices , soybean meal
• Brand products marketing, tea and coffee, biscuit & bakery products, chocolate products and Heineken beer.
• Frozen beef meat, fresh fish, frozen vegetables all kind frozen foods
• Fresh Products like all kind fruits & vegetables, fresh eggs, carrot and other agriculture products
(B) ) All kinds of Non food items & products, brand marketing & distribution of all kind of products. Scrap Metals, Computer Scrap, Copper Scrap, Charcoal, Logs, Wood Pallet, Farm Equipments and Machinery, Power Generators, Hospitality & Catering Equipments , New & Used Containers.

Worldwide Business network & growth
As a company we improve the quality of our service by ensuring that the customers are fully satisfied with our unique products and services at the same time satisfying our suppliers and retailers. We have earned trusts of many global suppliers and have become an exclusive agent in this Trading business. We are mainly focusing all kind foods and non foods, exporting to other continents and we are expanding into more countries, to all parts of the world.

For further information and queries you can visit our website: and kindly keep in touch with us in hope that we can make a healthy business together.