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Export & Import

ColaLife SA is one of the leading distributers as well as the exporters having a proven winning record in the field of All Kind of Foods business in Southern African region and beyond. We are doing business with many Countries all over the world.

Our customers are globally, who have an excellent market in Middle East, Africa and Asian continents to export our items. Moreover we export varieties of fruits, vegetables, citrus, livestock, food and Non-food products, agro products weekly by air and sea. Our other areas of business extended to scrap metals (exported globally) and new & used containers also.

At ColaLife SA, we have a special division for the supply of Heineken Beer and other non-alcoholic Beverages to the needs and demand of customers

Our customers are from various parts of the world. We have got more than 400 wholesale customers in our distribution channels and more than 150 retailers. For the ease of business, we do have overseas network of companies in major countries.